Look at what our customers are saying.

I was really happy with our takeout order… We ordered a chicken salad and a gyros pita.
The chicken salad was pretty tasty…Produce was fresh, had a nice dressing, though it had only one olive and no pepperoncini. The chicken itself was good though not outstanding.
The gyros sandwich was surprisingly yummy…the meat was moist and tender, very flavorful, and the pita was quite good.
Definitely worth going back. I think I’ll try a gyros salad next time. And something else.

Mikala, S.

Escondido CA.

The meal that I ordered was the half chicken.  You get a choice of sides…fries, salad, rice pilaf. I chose the rice and salad w/ a vinaigrette dressing. I also ordered the “Volcano” fries. Both sides were really good. The Volcano fries were good, but I was too full to really enjoy it. In other words,  good portions.
My wife ordered the Greek burger.  It has a Black Angus pattie with Gyro meat. It also came with regular fries. Again,  a big meal.
The food was very good and it’s a nice change to the typical.  It’s definitely going to be a “go to” place when we stay in San Diego.

Dave C.

Covina, CA.

This place was amazing! Always happy to find a family owned unique place to eat! All I can say is I wish I lived closer. Will defiantly come here when we are close by.

Renessa M.

Chula Vista, CA.

THIS PLACE!!! I don’t know what all of the negative reviews about the service being slow are about. My wife and I ordered and got our food within a few minutes. Let me just tell you… it was AMAZING! If ever there was a place to get Mediterranean food in San Diego, this is it.

If you like having your mind exploded with delicious flavors, you should probably come here. The place is clean, the staff is friendly, and it has a welcoming environment. The only problem is that you will want to come back every single day because you won’t be able to get enough.

Josh L.

South Hamilton, MA.