Scripps Ranch Menu – Santorini Island Grill

To Start & Share

Avgolemono Soup

Egg & lemon soup with chicken, fresh veggies, rice & herbs

Island Wings & Fries (5 pcs.)

Feta FriesSeasoned fries, topped with Feta crumbles & oregano

Volcano Feta & Pita

Spicy Feta cheese spread made with & imported herbs

Hummus & Pita

A blend of Garbanzo beans & imported herbs

Dolmas (6) & Tzatziki Sauce

Calamari StripsLightly fried Calamari steak strips served with lemon & dill Aioli

Santorini Island Loaded FriesA large plate of Santorini’s fries, fried in a 100% soybean, zero trans-fat oil, topped with a mix of Gyros, grilled chicken breast, diced tomatoes, onions, fresh jalapenos & Feta cheese crumbles

Grill Talk (Plates & Combos)

Unless Indicated, All Classics & Combos Come With Two Side Dishes (Greek Salad, Rice Pilaf, Fries, Black Beans), Pita Bread & Tzatziki Sauce

Bifteki PlateTwo ground sirloin beef kabobs, on an open face grilled Pita, topped with grilled tomato, onions, a scoop of our Greek yogurt sauce

Super Souvlaki Platter (3 skewers)

Super Souvlaki Platter

Zorba’s PlatterGyros meat & a skewer of your choice (chicken, beef or sausage)

Super Zorba’s (Gyros & 2 Skewers

Santorini PlatterGyros meat, a chicken skewer & Two island marinated wings

Shrimp & Gyros Platter

Generous portion of Gyros & One island style grilled shrimp skewer

Chicken Plate

Oven-baked lemon & oregano marinated chicken

Falafel Plate

Falafel balls, topped with creamy Tahini sauce & a side of Hummus dip

Shrimp Plate

Two broiled shrimp skewers, served with lemon & dill Aioli

Grilled Chicken Bruschetta

Two grilled chicken breasts, topped with diced tomatoes, onions fresh basil & Feta cheese crumbles. Served on a bed of oven-baked rice

Pikilia (Sampler Dish)

Gyros meat, chicken skewer, Spanakopita, wings, dolmas, hummus

Pork Chops

Pork Chops

Two grilled, marinated pork chops



Grilled Mahi-Mahi fish, served with our lemon & dill Aioli Sauce, a side of fries and & a Fountain soda

For Our Little Greeks

For Children Under 12 Years Old Not Valid with Other Discounts or Coupons Include a Small Fountain Drink, No Pita & No Sauce

Jr. Gyros Plate

Gyros meat served with a side of fries, rice or salad

Jr. Chicken Strips

Broiled chicken breast, served with fries, rice or salad

Jr. Quarter Chicken Meal

A quarter oven-baked chicken served with fries

Sides & Extras

Seasoned Fries

Seasoned Fries

Volcano Fries (Topped with Spicy Feta)

Rice Pilaf (8 oz.)

Falafel Balls (3)

Gyros Meat (1 lb.)

Whole Chicken Served with 16 oz. Rice

Skewer (Chicken, Beef or Sausage)

Spanakopita Triangle (Each)

Extra Gyros

Available ONLY With any plate or sandwich

Extra Hummus (2 oz.)

Extra Volcano Feta (2 oz.)

Extra Tzatziki (2 oz.)

Pita Basket (Includes 2 oz. Tzatziki)

Drinks & Desserts

Beer & Wine Available Only in Certain Locations

Fountain Sodas (Free Refill)

Bottled Juices & Teas

Hot Coffee or Tea

Hot Coffee or Tea

Bottled Water

Beer (Bottled / Domestic)

Beer (Bottled / Premium)

Baklava Santorin

Homemade dessert made with Filo pastry, Stuffed with walnuts & cinnamon & topped with honey syrup

Cookies (Assorted)

Let’s Get Fresh (Island Crafted Salads)

All Served with Pita Bread & Sauce

Greek Salad

Crispy mixed lettuce, topped with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers. Onions, pepperoncini & Feta cheese crumbles Topped with choice of Gyros Meat, Falafel Mix or Grilled Chicken Breast

Spicy Chicken Salad

Our Chicken salad, topped with a scoop of Spicy Volcano Feta

Santorini Cobb Salad

Greek salad, topped with three meats. Gyros, Chicken & Beef

Calamari Salad

Calamari Salad

Our Greek salad topped with lightly fried calamari steak strips

Grilled Shrimp Salad

Our Greek salad, topped with two skewers of marinated grilled shrimp

Island Berry Salad

Fresh spinach topped with tomatoes, onions chicken breast, feta cheese

All-Day Specials

Served ALL Day, EVERY Day Not Valid with Any other Discounts or Coupons. Lunch Specials (Except Rice Bowl) Include a Fountain Soda, Yogurt Sauce & One Side Dish of Your Choice Side Dishes: Greek Salad, Rice Pilaf, Fries, Black Beans

Island Value Meal

Your choice of Gyros or Chicken or Falafel sandwich & sauce

Santorini’s Island Combo

Gyros sandwich, Feta Fries, side of Salad & Greek yogurt sauce

Mediterranean Chicken Rice Bowl

Oven-baked rice, topped with fresh veggies, grilled chicken & sauce

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Chicken Caesar Wrap

A spinach Tortilla, stuffed with chicken, veggies & Caesar dressing

Soup & Salad

Avgolemono soup (bowl), Greek salad, Pita bread & Greek yogurt sauce

Pita Trends

All Sandwiches, are Stuffed with Tomatoes, Onions & Mixed Lettuce. Served with Greek Yogurt Sauce on the Side

Gyros Sandwich

Chicken Pita

Beef Steak Pita

Sausage Pita

Falafel Pita

Veggie PitaGreek Salad, Hummus, Dash of Dressing

Calamari Pita

Shrimp Pita

Burger Nation

All Burgers are Made with 100% Angus Beef & Stuffed with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions & Sauce. All Served with Fries & Soda


Back-Yard Grill-Style

Greek Burger

With Gyros, Feta Crumbles & Tzatziki



Bacon, Avocado, Fries, American Cheese

Veggie Burger

Falafel & Veggie Patty, Creamy Tahini

Chicken Burger

Grilled Breast, American Cheese

Spicy Burger Add on

Add a Scoop of Volcano Feta to any Burger

Family & Party Packs

Add 4 pcs. of Baklava to ANY Pack for ONLY $7.00 All Family & Party Packs Served with Greek Salad Rice Pilaf, Warm Pita Bread & Tzatziki Sauce

Gyros Pack

Generous portion of our delicious flame broiled Gyros

Skewers Pack

Your choice of two (2) skewers per person (Chicken, Steak or Sausage)

Zorba’s Pack

A combination of Gyros meat & one (1) skewer per person

Veggie Lovers Pack

Each person receives: Two (2) Spanakopita triangles Two (2) Falafel balls, two (2) Dolmas & Hummus dip (2 oz.)

Santorini’s Pack

One (1) whole lemon chicken, one (1) pound of Gyros meat,& four (4) skewers of your choice (chicken, steak or sausage) The large pack includes, two (2) whole chickens, two (2) pounds of Gyros meat & eight (8) skewers